Friday, 1 May 2015

Germany here I come!

Hello everyone,

After a week-long writing retreat in South Devon (pictured above) where I've been working on songs for the next album, I'm now heading over to Germany to play some shows in record shops and hifi stores!

Come and catch me at one of these May shows...

Tues 5th @ 25 Music, Hannover 5pm (free)
Weds 6th @ Zardoz Schallplatten, Hamburg 5pm (free)
Weds 6th @ Audiophonie, Hamburg 7pm (reservations only)
Thurs 7th @ Dodo Beach, Berlin 5pm (free)
Thurs 7th @ Boxengross, Berlin 7pm (reservations only)
Fri 8th @ Analogue, Bonn 7pm (reservations only)
Sat 9th @ No. 1 Guitar Shop, Hamburg 3pm (free)
Sat 9th @ Downtown Blues Club, Hamburg 8pm
Tues 12th @ Hifi-Studio Achterholt, Bremen 7pm (reservations only)
Fri 15th @ Strandgutfischer, Hamburg 8pm (free)

Best wishes,

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Toerag Sessions

The Toerag Sessions is officially out now!

To celebrate, I'm visiting some of my favourite indie record stores over the next couple of weeks, and I'll also be playing a launch show at Exmouth Market Centre in London...

All the dates are here:
Mon 6 Apr - BRISTOL Rise, 4pm
Wed 8 Apr - LONDON Exmouth Market Centre (album Launch show), 8pm Tickets
Thu 9 Apr - STROUD Trading Post, 6.30pm
Fri 10 Apr - MARLBOROUGH Sound Knowledge 6.30pm
Sat 11 Apr - LEWES Union Music Store 3pm
Sat 11 Apr - EASTBOURNE Pebble, 5pm
Mon 13 Apr - WORCESTER Rise, 3pm
Fri 17 Apr - DEAL Smugglers Records 5pm
Sat 18 Apr - SOUTHSEA Pie & Vinyl, 1pm (Record Store Day)
Sat 18 Apr - BEXHILL Music's Not Dead, 5pm (Record Store Day)
Fri 24 Apr - PENARTH Songwriters' Circle, 7.30pm Details

There are still a handful of the limited editions available from my Pledge Music page, but the album can now also be ordered on Amazon, downloaded from iTunes or streamed on Spotify.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Toerag Sessions - album cover

I'm very excited to reveal the album cover for ‪The Toerag Sessions‬!

The photo was taken by Ben Morse in the studio on the last day of recording - we chose this one for the cover because we think it captures the live, analogue, retro feel of how the record was made.

Read more about the album, and pre-order limited editions at my Pledge Music page.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Toerag Sessions

Emily Barker - The Toerag Sessions

My new solo album has been recorded live direct to tape at the legendary Toerag Studios in London with producer Liam Watson. I've partnered with Pledge Music to put together some special limited editions of the album, which are available to pre-order from my Pledge Music page.

The idea for The Toerag Sessions came together towards the end of last year….

In between all my touring with my bands, The Red Clay Halo and Vena Portae, I’ve also been playing a lot of solo shows, and there are always people who come up to me at the end asking where they can get hold of solo versions of my songs. So that got me thinking about recording an album where it would just be me, my guitar, my harmonica, and my selection of songs from all the albums I’ve released.

Toerag Studios is renowned for being a totally analogue studio – full of authentic 50s and 60s gear – famously, it was the studio where The White Stripes recorded their incredible break-through album “Elephant”. It’s a studio I’d long wanted to record in.

So in early January, I was lucky enough to spend two days recording at Toerag, with studio owner and inveterate tea-drinker Liam Watson in the engineering and production seat. All the songs were played live, direct to two-track 1/4" tape, with no overdubs and no editing, and to keep the analogue integrity, the vinyl has been mastered direct from the tape. Even with the CD, there has been no processing, and the result is about as close as you can get to a live sound.

You can read more about those special limited editions on my Pledge Music page.