Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The new 'Nostalgia' film by Al Mackay

Storm the Charts begins this Sunday 27th June!

And we've got our new video for Nostalgia all set to go thanks to director and camera man Al Mackay (Good men of Leicester, Bales.)

It was made in a rapeseed field belonging to farmer Alan Robinson of Welland Valley Oil.

With your help we have a strong chance of getting into the charts.
The Storm the Charts campaign group – numbering over 30,000 members on Facebook so far – has chosen not one old favourite, but a list of 40 original songs from bands who aren't on major labels and haven't charted before (of which we are one.)
They are asking all music fans to check out the list and download any they'd like to see in the chart – or as many as they can – in hope of taking as many slots as possible for independents between Sunday 27th June to Sunday July 4th.
Here is the list:

Please download Nostalgia and help us Storm the Charts grassroots style!